"...Chris Fuller’s passion for golf was sparked at the extremely young age of 4. That may be the case for a lot of devotees of the game, but Fuller may stand alone in that he played golf with Bette Davis in his living room as a youngster....

“I was 8 years old when my dad died; I weave him throughout,” Fuller said. “He had a major impact on my life. I was told that when I was born, he said that all he ever wanted was an athlete for a son. He could have cared less about my academic success. The first eight years of my life, Dad and I played some sort of sport almost every day after school and on weekends. Homework wasn’t ever brought up. In third grade, I was taken to the psychologist. I tested in the low range for math, but my eye-hand coordination was off the charts! When dad saw the scores, he burst into tears — overjoyed about my ‘superior’ hand-eye coordination.”

That superior hand-eye coordination helped Fuller succeed as he played competitive golf, beginning when he was 12. He also played on his high school and college teams before turning pro and participating in such tours as The New England Golf Tour, The Pepsi Tour, The Dakotas Tour and The Outlaws Tour." - ctpost